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Super Bowl XLVIII 2014

This year Autocue/QTV is a part of another great event in sports history. Super Bowl XLVIII is relying on Autocue/QTV to provide equipment and prompting services for their 2014 broadcast on February 2nd. We are teaming up with HJZ Productions to provide experienced operators and proven equipment to support talent at MetLife Stadium’s Broadcast facility.

The operators will be stationed in a mobile broadcast trailer with the rest of the productioteam. Even though security is tight and getting the passes has been challenging, it is all worth the effort being a part of this historic sporting event.

This is the first time since Super Bowl X that the game will be played outdoors and meteorologists predict that it will snow potentially making this the most exciting Super Bowl in NFL history!

Autocue/QTV is also providing equipment for other broadcasting companies that are covering the event. Fox in New York will be using our QMaster software packages, and another New York Production company expects to use Master Series on camera prompters for talent covering the event off site. Autocue/QTV is the best choice for these companies because we have a full staff of prompter operators available, a warehouse full of equipment right in Manhattan and we can interface with newsroom computer systems allowing a large production team to work on this event simultaneously.

Being native New Yorkers we couldn’t be more excited to be providing equipment and services for the highest profile event in American Football.