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Autocue & YouTube Creator Space

    Autocue's MSP17" on show in one of YouTube's fully equipped studios. 

As you probably know, YouTube have opened three studios in London, LA and Tokyo, called the YouTube creator space. The studios are full of broadcast quality equipment, full broadcast quality HD cameras, professional lighting rigs, green screen studio etc.

We are pleased to say that for their teleprompting YouTube chose the Autocue 17" Master Series On-Camera units for their London based Creator Space studio.

Personally I think this is a fantastic idea, this makes professional level equipment available to anyone who wants to create their own content and along with our teleprompters, really makes the difference in giving the content that professional look and will set it apart from the content produced from someone's bedroom. No doubt the studios are and will continue to be very popular among YouTube's gigantic crowd of content contributing users.

Please click on the above image to see the YouTube video that will give a preview of the studios in London.