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Why a DSLR Teleprompter?

The DSLR is being used more and more, shooting everything from documentaries to wildlife. We even have Oscar nominated movies being shot with DSLRs.

It's not difficult to work out why. Large sensors, a large range of lenses to choose from and at a fraction of the cost of the standard setup.

All of Autocue's range of Teleprompter's can be used with a DSLR camera, the most popular being the iPad Prompter units closely followed by the 8" and 10" Starter Series units. All these units are complete systems, including mounting plates that mount the unit to the tripod head and then the camera fixes to the prompter. This has worked well for us for the last 55 years and is the mounting solution that all Teleprompter manufactures adopt.

There is a now a whole industry offering the DSLR user a massive choice of ways to mount the camera to the tripod, and to give you the method of bolting on all those goodies like vue finders, lights, microphone, follow focus etc.

So why not the prompter?


The standard is the 15mm rail system and the new DSLR prompter is designed to use this. The unit slides on the rails and is fixed in place by two thumb screws. It's that simple, and you save money because there's no need for you to buy a mounting plate. This means if you are working on a tripod or a shoulder mounted rig, the prompter can be rigged or de-rigged in seconds. The unit also uses our very popular folding hood design that allows the DSLR prompter to pack flat.

If you are not using a rail system that's not a problem, the DSLR prompter can be supplied with a camera mounting kit. This mounting kit is fully adjustable, the camera mount runs on two 15mm tubes that give you horizontal adjustment and four thumb screws in slots that allow for vertical adjustment. This provides a really solid mount for the DSLR.
(The camera mount is an optional extra)

For mounting accessories like small LED lights or shotgun microphones etc, there is an accessory mounting bar. This is an aluminium bar that mounts between the uprights that support the prompter hood. There are twelve 1/4" BSW tapped holes that run the whole length of the bar giving you lots of options for mounting accessories.

There is a choice of three displays for the DSLR Prompter. The iPad or the iPad mini, and an 8-inch LCD monitor. The unit is supplied with Autocue's new universal iPad mounting bracket that will hold both sizes of iPad or the 8" monitor.

The iPad as a display for prompting has become very popular over the last two years or so, we've had so many requests from retail customers for iPad prompting that we've had to make the iPad Portable unit available to rent.

We debuted the DSLR prompter at IBC this year, here's an interview with me at the show on BroadcastShow:

With all this interest in iPad prompting, Autocue has now released an iPad app called iAutocue.There is a lot to say about the new app, that will be the subject of a future blog post.

iAutocue works just like most of the prompting apps around.It has bluetooth control, a free app that runs on a second Apple device to control the scrolling of the script etc. Nothing new there, you have been able to do all this since the birth of the iPad.

The big feature of iAutocue is that it will supply a mirrored video feed from the side of the iPad using an adaptor called an iAutocue Portal that will be available soon from Autocue.

Using the app and the 8" LCD display option for the DSLR prompter will give you a system that can be scrolled from the iPad eliminating the need for the presenter having to scroll the script using a hand held control.

This is going to be very useful for those short pieces to camera on location.

For more information on iAutocue please follow the link to the App Store. Or go to our website Autocue.com.

Get it on the App Store

The new DSLR prompter from Autocue is going be be a must have for all the DSLR users that need a prompter.


Mark Shoesmith

Product Designer