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Local TV begins on cue

The first of nearly 50 local TV stations around the UK, launches today in Grimsby with five Autocue Starter Series 17” prompters in use. Estuary TV will broadcast local news, sport and philosophy from the old media department of Grimsby College. With just eight full-time staff, Estuary TV will broadcast to 350,000 homes in East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire, and serve as the trailblazer in a new era of local television.

There are two studios in use – one 3-camera studio and one 2-camera green screen studio. Each camera has an Autocue Starter Series 17” prompter mounted on it, with QStart software operating from the galleries.

The Starter Series are perfect for simple pieces to camera and those broadcasters, such as local TV stations, operating on a tighter budget. Estuary TV controller, Lia Nici, readily admits that they don’t have the budgets of the bigger broadcasters, saying “It doesn’t compare. The BBC and ITV are some of the biggest television companies in the world. We can’t compete on that basis.” However, by utilising more affordable equipment that is still well suited to their requirements, such as Starter Series teleprompters, they are still able to produce professional content and aspire to competing on “locality and relevance and immediacy."


Good luck to Estuary TV and all of the new Local TV stations!


For more information and a behind the scenes video, please see http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-25050670