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Autocue on Mac OS X

Autocue is one of only a few teleprompting companies to offer teleprompting software that runs natively on a Mac OS. QStart Mac (as well as the PC version) is supplied free of charge with any Starter Series teleprompter, or it can also be purchased separately here.

QStart Mac offers basic prompting functionality, allowing you to import scripts from a word or text file or type directly in to the application. The script can then be formatted with different font types, colours, alignment and sizes. The software also has dual-screen functionality which allows you to send a reversed image of the scrolling text to the monitor (so that it will appear the correct way up for the presenter once mirrored) as well as showing a preview panel on the Mac so that an operator can see the scrolling text at the same place/ speed as the presenter.

The Autocue Mac software is licensed by the Mac address of the machine on which it is installed, so you can only install the software license on one machine. If you wish to prompt from multiple machines, you will need to purchase multiple licenses.

Separate to QStart Mac, Autocue also has its own teleprompter iPad app called iAutocue and iPhone app called iAutoscroll. iAutocue allows you to mount an iPad on a teleprompter rig in place of a teleprompter monitor, and control the speed/direction of the scroll via iAutoscroll on an iPhone. Additionally, it also allows you to replace the traditional PC or laptop running teleprompting software with a separate hand controller and use the iPad instead to output video and connect up to and control a teleprompter monitor.