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Autocue's table at the Royal Television Society Journalist Awards

Autocue's table at the Royal Television Society Journalists Awards.

It was a glittering event at the glamorous and traditional venue of the Park Lane Hilton. Our guests all arrived looking magnificent in their gowns and dinner jackets in respect of the formality of the occasion.

We felt honoured to be joined by television's finest News Directors, Television Presenters and the invaluable people who work behind the scenes within television news.

As we sat down to our table there was a call for hush from the presenter as an honour roll was about to commence in remembrance and respect of the brave men and women who had died in the line of gathering the news and reporting world-wide atrocities.  We all sat in complete silence as the roll of names of these heroic men and women were shown.  It was extremely sad and also shocking for the very large number of people who had died world - wide in the line of duty to bring to our attention the news; the poignancy of this wasn't missed by anyone at our table or indeed any of the guests in this grand ballroom.

We went on to enjoy a wonderful evening, the food and wine were as always, excellent. The attentive staff at the London Hilton helped to make our evening special, we all felt very spoilt by the service of the smiling team designated to our table. 


It was such a pleasure to spend time with people one works for and with at a social event, as the hectic world of television news means there is very little time to say more than a quick hello to most people.

Jenny Brook, our Senior Autocue Operator/Rigging Technician was behind the scenes with the rest of the crew rigging our Glass and Stands Conference Kit.  Jenny with her usual charm and professionalism prompted the event.

Thank you to all our wonderful guests and a special thank you to the Royal Television Society for a very enjoyable evening.