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Free Teleprompter Software


Free Teleprompting Software

We have decided to make our entry-level QStart teleprompter software free to download so that everyone can experience the benefits of using an Autocue teleprompter.

Simply click on the image to the left to download the latest QStart windows application. During the installation process please register your details in order to prompt your scripts uninterrupted for 2 minutes. If you like what you see and you need to prompt scripts longer than 2 minutes, then you can purchase the full unlimited version by clicking on the upgrade button in the software itself.

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What is QStart?

QStart is the entry-level teleprompting software from Autocue (QPro and QMaster are also available for more complex requirements). QStart allows you to import scripts from a word document or text file, or type directly in to the application.

Scripts can be formatted using common windows functionality including different fonts, font sizes, colours, text alignment and simple markers. 

Download Free Teleprompter Software

free teleprompter software

Wired or Wireless!

A wired or wireless hand or foot control can also be added to control the speed or direction of the script, or this can be done from a mouse or keyboard attached to the PC.

QStart also has dual-screen capability so that the script can be reversed in order to display the correct way up on a teleprompter for the presenter, and on the PC screen.

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Complete Teleprompter Setup

If you are looking for a complete teleprompter setup, Autocue also has a range of affordable entry-level teleprompters in a range of different sizes and configurations to meet almost all requirements.

Each teleprompter package includes the full version of QStart free of charge. Click below to see our full range of teleprompters.