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"The secrets of the professionals are clearly within reach and Autocue offers the most versatility for the money of any of the prompters I’ve seen. The equipment is rock solid and Autocue is the magic I’m now recommending to effectively make the connection (with your audience)."

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Why Choose Autocue the Original Prompter People

Autocue is the world’s oldest and original teleprompting company, with over 100,000 users worldwide.

Established in 1955, we have led every major innovation in the industry ever since, and today have the largest and most advanced range of prompters in the world. We have a broad range of solutions, and are the only manufacturer to truly cater for any requirement or budget, big or small. Whether you choose our Master, Professional or Starter range, you can be confident that you are buying from the world’s best and we challenge you to find anything else that gives you better value for money across our entire range.

We are quite unique as a teleprompting company in that all of our products are designed, developed and manufactured in-house, giving you the assurance that we can continue to respond to your feedback and evolve our product range over the years to come. You also have free and unlimited access to our hardware and software support teams for the life of the product, so if you run in to any difficulties, they can quickly be resolved by our expert and knowledgeable staff.

Buying the best, doesn’t need to cost the earth. At all levels of the market and across all of our ranges, we price our products at, or more often than not, below the competition. So not only can we offer you the best designed product, the best post-sales support and continued evolution of the range, we also save you money in the process. We challenge you to find a better deal than that.

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