Presenting Simplicity.

Since 1955 we’ve been making prompters for use in studios, on podiums, and well, pretty much anywhere. We believe teleprompters make for happier talent and more connected audiences. That’s why we’re passionate about improving every production – big and small – with prompting.

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Simplify your production

Save Time – As the saying goes, “Time is Money”. Whether you want to cut back on rehearsal time or reduce your edits in post, a teleprompter can make your work faster and more efficient.

Be confident – No one likes awkward pauses. With a teleprompter, the correct words are delivered to the presenter at a speed that works for them, so everyone can relax and confidently deliver the much more acceptable dramatic pause.

Connect – Eye contact matters. Effective presenters connect with their audience. Maintaining eye contact through a teleprompter creates that connection, so the presenter appears genuine and spontaneous.

Software that works for you

Autocue Prompting Software is designed to get you started straight away without any fuss. We’ve included familiar icons and layouts to help you find your way around. Scripts can be created in the software or imported from a range of common file types to save time.

Autocue Pioneer Software takes your prompting to the next level with advanced features that streamline your workflow. Live editing is included as standard with a wide range of features for demanding productions including shortcuts, bookmarks, cue timer, and more. Unique PowerPoint integration takes presentations to the next level. Plus, with NDI output as well as MOS and shared directory newsroom system compatibility, it’s designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing setup.

  • Modern
  • Intuitive
  • Fully-featured editing
  • Run order management

Wherever you work

Happier production teams, relaxed presenters, better audience connection…. whether you work in content creation or live events we’re confident prompting can improve your production.

  • Video Production

    Save time and increase the overall professionalism of your production with a Autocue teleprompter.

  • Corporate

    Providing a tool for delivering speeches, presentations or announcements with ease, reducing the chance of errors or missed key points.

  • Studio

    Improve your studio productions by enabling presenters to deliver their lines with precision and confidence, ensuring that the broadcast runs smoothly and on time.

  • Conference

    Providing the speaker with a tool to deliver their remarks smoothly and effectively, even if they have limited experience speaking in public.

Simplicity by design

Whether you’re looking for easy-to-use packages, elegant fully featured prompters, or software that’s simple to suss out, we have your solution to production happiness, and we’re committed to making it in a way that’s increasingly sustainable.


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