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Royal Television Society Journalism Awards

It was a glittering event at the glamorous and traditional venue of the Park Lane Hilton. Our guests all arrived looking magnificent in their gowns and dinner jackets in respect of the formality of the occasion.

We felt honoured to be joined by television's finest News Directors, Television Presenters and the invaluable people who work behind the scenes in television news.

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Autocue install at NBH

I had only been at Autocue 2 years and had never been to a live studio before, let alone one that was, at the time, little more than a building site - especially the underground studios where we started. Still, I was told that our head of hardware, Mark Shoesmith, and I would be the two responsible for the NBH install...

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Autocue on Mac OS X

Autocue is one of only a few teleprompting companies to offer teleprompting software that runs natively on a Mac OS. QStart Mac (as well as the PC version) is supplied free of charge with any Starter Series teleprompter, or it can also be purchased separately here.

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Autocue at the Super Bowl!

This year Autocue/QTV is a part of another great event in sports history. Super Bowl XLVIII is relying on Autocue/QTV to provide equipment and prompting services for their 2014 broadcast on February 2nd.

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Autocue equipment at the BBC?

Autocue have been providing teleprompters and teleprompter operators to the BBC since the 1950s. For the last 20 years or so, Autocue has been the exclusive provider of teleprompting services to all BBC News programmes, including BBC News, World News, Newsnight, Marr on Sunday and The Politics Show. If you watch the start of the 6 or 10 o’clock news for example, you will see the Autocue teleprompters on the front of each camera in the opening studio shot.

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Seth Meyers moves to the Late Show with Autocue

Seth Meyers is leaving Saturday Night Live to host the Late Show in February.  To promote his new show, he’s shot a promo using the Autocue PSP08 on-camera prompter mounted to a Steadicam rig:

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What is a teleprompter?

A teleprompter, also commonly referred to as a prompter or Autocue, is a device that allows a presenter to read a script whilst maintaining direct eye contact with the audience. Because the speaker does not need to look down to consult written notes, he/she appears to have memorized the speech or to be speaking spontaneously.

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Estuary TV kick off new era of local TV with Autocue Starter Series

The first of nearly 50 local TV stations around the UK, launches today in Grimsby with five Autocue Starter Series 17” prompters in use. Estuary TV will broadcast local news, sport and philosophy

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The DSLR Teleprompter

There is a now a whole industry offering the DSLR user a massive choice of ways to mount the camera to the tripod, and to give you the method of bolting on all those goodies like vue finders, lights, microphone, follow focus etc. 

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Autocue & YouTube

As you probably know, YouTube have opened three studios in London, LA and Tokyo, called the YouTube creator space. The studios are full of broadcast quality equipment, full broadcast quality HD cameras, professional lighting rigs, green screen studio etc.

We are pleased to say that their for teleprompting needs, YouTube chose the Autocue 17" Master Series...


Autocue Promo Video Shoot - Prompting In The Park

Today (June 7th 2013) we finished shooting a promo video for our recently re-equipped hire department. The video will explain in a easy to understand way, all the Autocue teleprompter systems available to rent.


Chime For Change Live Charity Concert

Over this weekend Autocue were prompting the presenters at The Sound of Change Live concert staged at Twickenham Stadium here in London.

Chime for Change promotes Education, Health and Justice for girls and women everywhere.



Prompting Sir David Attenborough

Autocue have just finished shooting the second series called Natural Curiosities with David Attenborough. Some of the locations were quite challenging from the tank room in the basement of the Natural History Museum where there was no power available to Bristol and Chester Zoos.



What are the best settings for a teleprompter? Cleaning tips & more!

The exact settings required for your teleprompter setup will depend on the specific type and brand of teleprompter you are using, however, there are some common principles that should be adhered to...