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QMaster Software Overview

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QMaster is our fully featured teleprompting software application. With run-order management for multiple scripts, multi-language compatibility and real-time on-prompter editing, it offers all the functionality required for demanding live broadcasts.

Key Features

  • Run-order management for multiple scripts
  • Multiple languages
  • Closed captioning/ subtitles
  • Real-time on-prompter editing
  • Simultaneous off-screen edit and prompt facility
  • On-screen preview panel

A range of optional licences further enhance the software, enabling features such as newsroom connections and distance prompting from one location to another.

  • QMaster licence, installation USB Drive and SafeNet USB security dongle
  • Licence permits one scroll control to be connected to the PC/ laptop and one scroll control to be connected to the QBox (additional licence must be purchased for additional controllers)


enables connection to any newsroom system (NRCS) via MOS, FTP or our own native protocols.


enables QMaster to export scripts via FTP or Dropbox which can then be downloaded to an iPad via the iAutocue app.


adds ability to connect multiple QBoxes to a single QMaster application. Connects via IP to enable prompting over unlimited distance and/or the opportunity for presenters to rehearse whilst off air.

Multi-controller Module

allows multiple presenters and operators to control one QMaster PC, or one QBox. Controllers can be attached to available ports on the PC and QBox.