Why use a teleprompter

Video Transcript


Here on the Autocue channel you’ll find lots of videos about how to use teleprompters. Today, we’re going to answer the first big question: why should you use a teleprompter?! I’m Matt and in this video, I’ll share our top three reasons to use a prompter in your production production.

Save time

First, using a teleprompter saves time and makes work more efficient. You can reduce time spent in rehearsal post-production edits. Instead of hours learning lines, presenters can simply read scripts off the prompter, hitting key points and keeping the production process moving smoothly.

Be confident

Next, a teleprompter boosts confidence in front of the camera. Nobody enjoys stumbling over words. A teleprompter delivers the correct words to the presenter at a speed that works for them. They can relax and confidently deliver their lines, without worrying about forgetting words. With a teleprompter, presenters can avoid an awkward pause and instead deliver a much more acceptable dramatic pause.


Finally, using a teleprompter helps your presenters connect with their audience. Eye contact is crucial for effective communication. By maintaining eye contact through a teleprompter, presenters appear more genuine and spontaneous, making the content more engaging and impactful for the audience.

That’s it, our top three reasons why you should use a prompter in your video production. An Autocue means happier production teams, relaxed presenters, and a better audience connection, what’s not to like? Thanks for watching. Until next time. Stay on Cue.

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