New to this or a prompting part-timer?
We recommend a recce of our Explorer Series:
complete prompting packages.

Feel Complete

Delve into the possibilities of prompting with our simple and practical Explorer Series. Complete prompting solutions to speed up your production. Everything is based on the Autocue ‘3S’ principles; Speed, Simplicity, and Sustainability, designed to give you a modern prompter that is a joy to use.

Breeze through setup,
Speed up production

The Explorer Series is built for speed. There’s no point in reducing production time with prompting if your setup time increases instead. Explorer Series Teleprompters are designed with minimal parts that slot together and quickly adjust for cameras and lenses – no tools needed here!

Trust your instincts
with simple control

We’re all about keeping it simple. From easy to connect prompters to USB controllers, our aim is to make things easy for you. And when it comes to Explorer Software, we know it’s important that you have something instinctive so that anyone can operate the basics. We’ve included familiar icons and layouts and accept all the usual file types so that you can get started in a jiffy. When you’re ready, dig into our education for tips on how to kick your workflow up a notch.

Confidence comes
with the complete

With the Explorer Series, you don’t need to be a prompting expert. We package everything you need to be ‘all-systems-go’ right out of the box. Choose your ideal system with our selector tool. You’ll get hardware that adapts to your kit with adjustable hardware. The cables that you need to connect your prompter will be ready in the box, where you’ll also find software that’s ready to go…. Just like you.

Prompters your future can depend upon

Every part of our teleprompters are selected and tested to make sure it is tough enough. So plastic monitors didn’t make the cut: hello strong and recyclable metal housings. We machine many of our parts in-house and use them across our ranges so that everyone benefits. Our software team consistently works on improvements and you can always feedback any features you would like to see. Ultimately, it benefits us all the longer you continue to be happy with your prompting equipment.

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