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Complete Teleprompting Solutions for the Apple iPad Pro


London, UK (April 4, 2016) – Autocue, a Vitec Group brand and the world’s leading teleprompting company, is pleased to announce a complete range of prompting solutions for the Apple iPad Pro including options for the 9.7” and the 12.9” versions. The existing Starter Series iPad Teleprompter is perfectly suited for the 9.7” iPad Pro while the latest advance to the popular Starter Series is designed specifically for Apple’s 12.9” version. In fact, the new Autocue iPad Pro 12.9” Teleprompter provides an affordable, through-the-lens prompting solution which is perfect for broadcast and video professionals looking for a robust solution to prompt on location.

“With the rise of tablets, we have seen smart devices get adopted in video production. For teleprompting, the original smaller tablets are only useful for short distances such as five or six feet. The 12.9” iPad Pro represents a coming of age for the tablet as far as prompting goes. It provides a larger screen and better resolution which opens up the tablet’s use to a greater variety of situations,” said Robin Brown with Autocue.

The Autocue iPad Pro Prompter is a professional hardware solution which transforms the 12.9” pro tablet into one of the industry’s first through-the- lens mobile prompting solutions with readability up to 15 feet. Additionally, the Autocue iPad Pro 12.9” Teleprompter allows the user to control the speed and direction of the prompter using an optional wired control as well as your iPhone or iTouch device.

This innovative prompting solution also includes both Mac and PC QStart software so the iPad Pro 12.9” Prompter can be used in a traditional teleprompter workflow. For example, extending the desktop to the iPad allows the option to have a dedicated teleprompter operator, enables quick editing and provides an even wider selection of prompter controllers. This is the most flexible and capable iPad Pro solution available perfect for broadcast and independent video professionals.

“The Autocue iPad Pro Teleprompters provide a viable multifunctional option for budget-conscious broadcasters and video production professionals. Instead of spending extra money on a prompter screen, which can only be used for prompting, the iPad Pro Teleprompters allow the user to utilize their existing iPad Pro,” continued Brown.

The iPad Pro 12.9” Prompter offers support for full-sized ENG broadcast and digital cinema cameras with lenses up to a 4.2 mm focal length diameters of up to Ø300 mm – by far the most flexible and capable iPad Pro solution available. Designed with fully adjustable and collapsible architecture, this unit can be transported along with a mobile production quickly and easily. The optional carry case and controller accessories round out a workflow that will enable you to bring your production to the next level.

For more details on the iPad Pro, visit our product page on the US or UK shop.