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Autocue Introduces Prompter Accessories at NAB 2012

April 09, 2012

Autocue Introduces Master Series Prompter Accessories at NAB 2012

NAB 2012, Stand C8525 - Teleprompter, newsroom and video server specialist Autocue is introducing a range of leading-edge accessories to complement its acclaimed Master Series teleprompter range at NAB 2012.

The range of accessories include a 22-inch talent feedback monitor with native HD-SDI; an ingenious new mounting system; a dimmable tally light that displays any camera number from 1-9 and goes green when live on air; an under-monitor talent clock; and new USB controls to ensure compatibility with the latest PC hardware. When combined in-whole or in-part with the Master Series teleprompters, users can be confident that their overall prompting package and every component within it is now best-in-class.

For example, Autocue's unique Master Series mounting system makes it easy to balance a camera while actually reducing the total weight. The mounting plate glides to accommodate any size of camera and also makes it effortless to carry out camera maintenance without completely disassembling the prompter. This feature cannot be found anywhere else.

Autocue's Master Series prompters are still the world's lightest, slimmest, high-bright LED backlit monitors, which means they are just as legible indoors or out. All Master Series prompters include a range of features not found elsewhere, including in-board cable management and an integrated power supply. Prompter hoods are pre-assembled for rapid set-up; reinforced for extra stability; and a unique glass-holder mechanism makes the pane easy to clean and/or replace.



For more information visit: https://www.autocue.com/broadcast-solutions/teleprompters


Autocue has been serving the broadcast industry since the 1950s. They are the only company to offer the television industry a single solution for newsroom, scripting, automation, media management, video servers, broadcast monitors and teleprompters. Autocue is known worldwide for its service and dependability, serving such prestigious clients as the BBC, Bloomberg, NBC and CNN. Autocue's prompting solutions are compatible with all newsroom systems on the market and are used all over the world by broadcasters, production professionals, government facilities and corporate producers. See www.autocue.com for more details. Company details: Autocue Group, Unit 3, Puma Trade Park, 145 Morden Road, Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 4DG, UK

Company Contact: Coleen Myers, Marketing Communications Manager, Tel: +44 (0)208 665 2992, Email: coleen.myers@autocue.com

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