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"The secrets of the professionals are clearly within reach and Autocue offers the most versatility for the money of any of the prompters I’ve seen. The equipment is rock solid and Autocue is the magic I’m now recommending to effectively make the connection (with your audience)."

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Autocue at IBC 2013

Autocue launch DSLR prompter and new app at IBC 2013

IBC 2013 Preview, Stand 11.45 – Autocue, the world’s leading teleprompter manufacturer, will launch the first prompter designed specifically for a DSLR at IBC 2013.

The use of DSLRs in video shoots has increased significantly over the last few years and has resulted in increasing demand for a prompter that is fit for purpose. Whilst various existing teleprompter solutions can accommodate DSLR cameras, they are far from a perfect fit.

The Autocue DSLR prompter has been designed with extensive feedback from DSLR users. As a result it offers significant benefits over any other solution available today.  

The prompter mounts in front of the DSLR, directly to a standard set of 15mm DSLR rails, making the prompter extremely lightweight. This means that DSLR users can mount a range of accessories onto the rails as normal. Autocue sells its own 15mm rail camera mounting kit if you don’t have one of your own.

There will also be an optional bar at the top of the hood with a number of ¼ width threads to allow further accessories like on-camera lights and microphones to be deployed.

The DSLR prompter will be available in two variants – the first uses a universal iPad mount (including the iPad Mini and other tablets) and the second an 8” monitor. Both variants provide two solutions in one – a traditional set-up or a detachable straight-read mount for simple magic-arm applications. Software will be included and the packages will be very competitively priced.

Autocue is launching a brand new prompting app at IBC, called iAutocue. The new app really is a game changer, particularly for short pieces to camera outside the studio, so it’s well worth a visit to the Autocue stand to see what it can do.

Autocue will also debut its new folding hood for ultimate portability of its Professional and Master Series prompters. Together with the new app, this folding hood significantly reduces the (weight of the) kit required for OB shoots and rental jobs.





For more information: https://www.autocue.com 

Autocue (QTV in the Americas) has been serving the broadcast industry since the 1950s. It is the only company to offer the broadcast industry a single solution for newsroom, scripting, automation, video servers, media management, archiving and teleprompters. Autocue is known worldwide for its innovative products, dependability and service, with a host of prestigious clients including the BBC, Bloomberg, NBC, MBC, Doordarshan, TF1 and CNN.


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