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Autocue IBC 2011 Preview - Stand: 11.E51

July 14 2011

At IBC 2011 Autocue will launch a new cost-effective two-port digital server for eVTR applications and tape machine replacement to complement the rest of its growing video server range. The two ports are bi-directional HD channels that can be instantly switched between playback and record.

The latest server firmware, available across all two- and four-port SD and HD models, now includes the ability to create playlists, mark in and out points, and handle playback for AVC, XDCam, DNxHD and ProRes formats. The new firmware also provides slow-motion playback at a variety of speeds; simultaneous high- and low-resolution file creation; simple logo insertion; remote control - including video and audio preview - from any networked PC; time delay and playback/edit during recording; and support for VDCP and P9 protocols. A new display panel also shows key status information such as port status, disk capacity and CPU usage.

Also being introduced to the European market are Autocue's feature-rich broadcast quality reference monitors that outperform competing brands in many areas while retaining highly competitive price points. The five series' in the monitor range include the popular "T-Series", a 24" LED-backlit panel that is available at a fraction of the cost of competitive Grade 1 monitors on the market. The base-level "E-Series", 3G-SDI "G-Series" and quad-split "Q-Series" are all available in 17" and 24" sizes. The 40" and 46" "S-Series" completes the range at the top end. All models provide a class-leading solution for any live or post environment, with outstanding resolution, sharply defined contrast ratios, impressive viewing angles and a wide variety of inputs.

To complement recently introduced LED-backlit and re-designed 17" and 20" models, Autocue will also feature its new Master Series 12" teleprompter, the most versatile prompter in the Master Series range. Using LED backlit technology and an intelligent new monitor design, the ultra-bright display is the thinnest and lightest on the market by approximately 25 percent.

Autocue will also showcase the new "iPad Lite Prompter" as part of its Starter Series range. The iPad Lite is a lighter and more cost-effective solution that is especially suited to DV and DSLR cameras.

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