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"The secrets of the professionals are clearly within reach and Autocue offers the most versatility for the money of any of the prompters I’ve seen. The equipment is rock solid and Autocue is the magic I’m now recommending to effectively make the connection (with your audience)."

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Autocue "Motion Pro" Provides Comfort, Stability

November 22, 2011

LONDON, 22 November 2011 - Autocue has introduced "Motion Pro" a professional, handheld camera stabiliser designed and manufactured in-house by Autocue.

Respected London-based DP, Director and Filmmaker Philip Bloom said, "Autocue's Motion Pro is a great little handheld stabiliser. Like all stabilisers it takes a lot of practice but the lightness of the device coupled with the excellent build quality makes this a great way to get those super slick shots without killing your arms!"

Motion Pro enables users to fly all DSLR and DV cameras from 450g to 2.7kgs (1 to 5lbs) and uses precision engineering and machined parts throughout to create a high quality finish and ensure flawless balance of the camera. For comfort during use, the stabiliser handle includes a high quality professional foam grip that provides ultra comfort and support that can be securely docked on a tripod mounting plate. To aid portability, the entire unit folds up flat in a small carry case for easy storage and accessibility.

The introduction of Motion Pro highlights the company's continuing diversification across the broadcast sector. Primarily recognised as synonymous with teleprompting, Autocue now provides sophisticated newsroom and scripting solutions, affordable video servers, and the supremely engineered Motion Pro stabiliser.

According to Autocue CEO Frank Hyman, "The reception Motion Pro has received from professionals like Philip Bloom validates our investment in the detailed engineering, design and testing, culminating in yet another class-leading product."




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Autocue and QTV (in the Americas) have been serving the broadcast industry since the 1950s. They are the only company to offer the television industry a single solution for newsroom, scripting, automation, media management, video servers, broadcast monitors and teleprompters. Autocue is known worldwide for its service and dependability, serving such prestigious clients as the BBC, Bloomberg, NBC and CNN. Autocue's prompting solutions are compatible with all newsroom systems on the market and are used all over the world by broadcasters, production professionals, government facilities and corporate producers. See www.autocue.com for more details.