Our Story

Simply passionate about prompting

At Autocue® we’re proud to be an original. Born of the golden age of television, we made the very first through-the-lens prompters in the era of rock’n’roll and James Dean.

Since 1955 we’ve been making prompters for use in studios, on podiums, and well, pretty much anywhere. We believe teleprompters make for happier talent and more connected audiences. That’s why we’re passionate about improving every production – big and small – with prompting.

Autocue first product design
In 1955 our first product used a design by Jess Oppenheimer who created the hit CBS sitcom ‘I Love Lucy’

To simplify your production

There are many reasons to use a prompter, but here’s our top 3: 

1. Save time

As the saying goes, “Time is Money”. Whether you want to cut back on rehearsal time or reduce your edits in post, a teleprompter can make your work faster and more efficient.

2. Be confident

No one likes awkward pauses. With a teleprompter, the correct words are delivered to the presenter at a speed that works for them. so everyone can relax and confidently deliver the much more acceptable dramatic pause.

3. Connect

Eye contact matters. Effective presenters connect with their audience. Maintaining eye contact through a teleprompter creates that connection, so the presenter appears genuine and spontaneous.

Happier production teams, relaxed presenters, better audience connection, what’s not to like? 

Simplicity by design

Every Autocue product is designed with a focus on what we call our ‘3S principles’

We’ve been working with Autocue users and thinking about prompting every day for decades so that you don’t have to. But there’s an art to making fully featured products simple to use, and our engineers have cracked it.


To push production efficiencies, it’s important to champion quick setup. We place everything ready to hand for streamlined productions.


We seek the straightforward, toss out the tools that don’t work, and value instinctive understanding over having to learn new techniques.


We work hard to conserve energy and cut carbon, package with care, and design your Autocue products with longevity in mind.

But there’s an art to making fully featured products simple to use, and our engineers have cracked it.

Whether you’re looking for easy-to-use packages, elegant fully featured prompters, or software that’s simple to suss out, we have your solution to production happiness, and we’re committed to making it in a way that’s increasingly sustainable. 

So that’s Autocue. But what about you? Need a new prompter for the national news or a complete package for your next corporate video? Let’s help you find the right solution… 

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