Pioneer Series

Demanding live editor, SDI cable puller or just serious about brightness? You’ll find all the features you need in the Autocue Pioneer Series: broadcast standard prompting monitors and live editing software.

Production Harmony

Feature-rich and customisable prompting solutions are the basis of the Pioneer Series. High quality products and accessories mean you can choose the elements that make the difference to your production. Whether you’re fitting out a newsroom, or restocking your rental fleet, the Pioneer Series has what you’re looking for.

Fully featured
to your needs

The Pioneer Series starts with fully featured video prompters and live edit prompting software, then just simply add the options that allow you to shape your perfect solution. Select hardware options such as the monitor brightness, or a transport case if you’re on the move, add an IP to SDI converter with the software, or opt for foot controllers for your talent. Supplying broadcasters all over the world, we know what you might want from a prompter, and have built a customisable solution so you don’t pay for more than you need.

A compatible partner

In a live or ‘as live’ production, a prompter can’t just sit alone. Compatibility is built into every part of the Pioneer Series. The monitors include a selection of video inputs, including SDI. Pioneer Software can output NDI for slick IP integration, and if you need the script from a MOS newsroom system, you can connect as standard.

Helping everyone to be a smooth operator

Simplicity and speed are two of our core design principles. We’re driven to make our products easy for your whole production team. The prompter hardware includes full adjustability with a range of fixing points to make setting up and balancing the prompter faster and easier. Pioneer Software is icon based with familiar layouts for easy reference. You can choose between simple USB hand controllers and foot controllers optimised for talent operation. Now everyone can be part of the prompter crew!

Here for the long-haul

Short-termism doesn’t work for us, after all we’ve been in prompting for over 60 years. We prefer sustainable products that can be trusted for longer to reduce wasted money and materials.

All of our prompters have been designed for longevity and are supported by a global network of service professionals. Our software continues to develop alongside your workflows so you can invest today and scroll happily into the future.

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