Prompt Start

Autocue Explorer is designed to get you started straight away without any fuss. We’ve included familiar icons and layouts to help you find your way around. Scripts can be created in the software or imported from Word, Text or PDF documents to save time.

Powerful Edits

When you need to make changes to the script, you’ll find that most of the time editing is just like any other software you’re used to. Changing fonts and colours couldn’t be easier. But that doesn’t mean it’s basic.

We’ve included all the functions that you’ll find in broadcast prompting software, the only difference is that you can’t edit and prompt at the same time. So, if you’re happy stopping the prompting between takes to make edits Autocue Explorer has everything you need.

All in Order

Autocue Explorer also includes a Run Order pane, just like broadcast prompting software. With this feature you can manage sections of the script as individual stories, moving and hiding the text as a group. It also helps you to navigate quickly when prompting – it’s one of many little things that can make a big difference.

In Control

With Autocue Explorer software you can go straight ahead and prompt from day one using the integrated virtual scroll control. It includes all the important function buttons like next story and blank screen. When you’re ready to get serious you can upgrade to the ShuttleXpress hand control for more comfort.
See control options 

Presenting Simplicity

Prompting is what it’s all about! With Autocue Explorer you can take one output to feed your gear: HDMI, NDI and iPad connection are available for you to choose from. Connection is simple to manage in the settings, where you can also choose to invert (also known as flip) the image for through the lens prompters. You’ll be enjoying all the benefits of prompting in no time. Happier production teams, relaxed presenters, better audience connection, all achieved with the simplicity of Autocue Explorer software.

  • Easy to use software with familiar icons and features
  • Import Word, Text and PDF documents
  • Fully featured script editor
  • Run Order manager
  • Virtual scroll control included
  • Image flip option
Minimum system requirements OS: Windows 10,  Processor: i5 7th GEN / AMD: Ryzen 3 2200, 8GB RAM, (for added iDevices: IOS 14)
License type Standard online license requires access to internet minimum once every 7 days. Offline license available with purchase of additional dongle.
File import Word, RTF, PDF
Languages Multi-language support
Multi-script editing No
Live editing No
Editor options font type, font size, font format, font colour, background colour, cut and paste, paragraph alignment, bullet points, set indentation, single story mode, find/replace
Global format settings story title, story text, instruction, break, sound on tape
Run order options add story, remove story, cloak story, drop story, track live story, drag and drop story, bookmarks, story run time, notes
Printing scripts, run order
Prompt output options No
Cue marker options position, icon, colour, offset
Virtual scroll control scroll, blank screen, invert video, top, next story, previous story, next marker, previous marker
Prompter connection options local, NDI, IP/iPad
Prompter connections single
Image flip option Yes
Controller connections single
Controller settings sensitivity, programme function buttons
Newsroom integration No