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QStart Teleprompting Software from Autocue!

Free QStart for Windows, giving you the chance to experience the benefits of an Autocue teleprompter.

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Autocue’s philosophy is to make teleprompting accessible to all and we are delighted to offer QStart teleprompter software free of charge (PC version only) so that everyone can experience some of the benefits of using a teleprompter.

Simply click on the Download tab above, fill out a short registration form to download the latest QStart Windows application, and enhance your productions with unlimited professional prompting.

QStart is our entry-level teleprompting software, which allows you to import scripts from a word document or text file, or type directly in to the application. Scripts can be formatted to optimise readability with different fonts, sizes, colours and text alignment. QStart features:

  • Multi-language text and menus
  • Icon-based action buttons
  • Import of .doc, .rtf and .txt files
  • Script markers and assignable hot keys for added speed and flexibility

The speed of the text can be controlled by the keyboard or mouse. Should you require a teleprompter controller we have a range or wired and wireless hand and foot controllers that allow operator or talent control.

QStart also includes dual-screen functionality that reverses the script for reflection in the prompt monitor while keeping it the right way round on the control screen for the operator to follow as the presenter reads. Adding prompting to a production has never been easier.

Unlike many free teleprompters online, this is downloadable software that can be used offline. Based on the renowned QMaster software that is used for leading broadcasts and public events around the world, QStart is a truly professional solution available to everyone, from school students and online vloggers to independent videographers and corporate speakers.

Prompting works best when the reader is looking through the lens of the camera. If you are looking for a complete on-camera teleprompter setup, Autocue has a range to meet almost all requirements:

Don’t forget to share QStart free teleprompter software with your friends.

Operating System:

Minimum System Requirements:

  • 2Gb RAM
  • Win XP-Win 10
  • USB port for controller (optional)

Control Options:

  • Keyboard numbers or arrow keys
  • Mouse
  • ShuttleXpress
  • Wireless Hand Control
  • USB Foot Control
  • Serial Foot Control
  • Wireless Foot Control

Dual screen: Yes
Language: All Windows languages