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Natural Curiosities With David Attenborough

Natural Curiosities TV Series with David Attenborough -

Autocue have just finished shooting the second series of Natural Curiosities with Sir David Attenborough. This has involved Autocue shooting on location from the middle of April to the end of May.

Some of the locations were quite challenging from the tank room in the basement of the Natural History Museum where there was no power available to Bristol and Chester Zoos.

Amongst the other interesting locations were: The Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons, The Edward Jenner Museum and the Scott Polar Research Institute.

For the  entire shoot we used the new Master series 12" teleprompter. This unit was the ideal solution for this shoot because it is daylight readable so it will work well wherever the crew needed us to provide prompting.

Thanks to all at Humble Bee Films for giving us the booking and making this shoot great fun for all the Autocue operators who worked on the project.


Written by:
Mark Shoesmith 
Head of Hardware 
Autocue Ltd