Simple and modern

The modern design of Autocue Pioneer includes familiar icons found in other software to help inexperienced users operate with ease. Manually importing, writing and saving files is intuitive and edits such as font and colour changes couldn’t be easier. Multiple files can be uploaded, with a tab system for switching between the different scripts.

Unlimited connections

With Autocue Pioneer your outputs are unlimited. There are three prompter connection options: HDMI, NDI, and an IP connection option for iPads and IP convertors. You can configure each connection with key settings and invert the image if you’re using through the lens monitors without in-built image flip. Autocue Pioneer will also accept unlimited controllers so that operators can switch between any connected hand and foot controllers simply by starting to scroll.

Unique PowerPoint prompting

Autocue Pioneer has unique PowerPoint integration, developed for first-class presentations. The software automatically creates a script from the slide notes and gives the option to show slide previews to the presenter alongside the text. Allocate the slideshow to a second output and relax as each slide is triggered when the presenter reaches the matching section of their notes.

Newsroom compatible

MOS and shared directory Newsroom systems are both supported as standard in Autocue Pioneer. As prompting experts with decades of experience in every environment including live broadcast, we understand the need for smooth integration. Connect and receive live script edits from systems including ENPS, Octopus, Dalet, TinkerList and OpenMedia – we’ve probably come across every option over the years so please get in touch if you want to check your specific installation.

Meeting every demand

Autocue Pioneer is ready for the most demanding productions and customised for the need of professional operators. Shortcuts, bookmarks, and a run order manager are a given and you’ll find lots more, from settings for SOTs (Sound on Tape) and Presenter Instructions, to on-screen cue timer and message modules. Everything can be done while prompting continues because live editing is included as standard.

Minimum system requirements OS: Windows 10,  Processor: i5 7th GEN / AMD: Ryzen 3 2200, 8GB RAM, (for added iDevices: IOS 14)
License type Standard online license requires access to internet minimum once every 7 days. Offline license available with purchase of additional dongle.
File import Word, RTF, PDF, PPT, .awp
Languages Multi-language support
Multi-script editing Yes
Live editing Yes
Editor options font type, font size, font format, font colour, background colour, cut and paste, paragraph alignment, bullet points, set indentation, single story mode, find/replace
Global format settings story title, story text, instruction, break, sound on tape
Run order options add story, remove story, cloak story, drop story, track live story, drag and drop story, bookmarks, story run time, notes
Printing scripts, run order
Prompt output options cue timer/countdown, presenter message module, clock, powerpoint current/next slide
Cue marker options position, icon, colour, offset
Virtual scroll control scroll, blank screen, invert video, top, next story, previous story, next marker, previous marker
Prompter connection options local, NDI, IP/iPad
Prompter connections multiple
Image flip option Yes
Controller connections multiple
Controller settings sensitivity, programme function buttons
Newsroom integration MOS, shared directory