Navigator Series

Prompting from the podium rather than the studio? Public speakers can lead from the front with our Navigator Conference Packages: executive prompter systems for venues large and small.

Confident Leadership

Prompters for public speakers are a different breed to their ‘through-the-lens’ cousins for TV, even though they share many similarities. Generally found in pairs, they allow speakers to look from side-to-side, maintaining natural eye-contact with their audience from the podium. The Navigator Series is dedicated to this style of executive prompting with a solution for everyone – from conference keynote speakers to presidents addressing the nation.

In front with the
complete package

The Navigator Series packs together everything you need to bring prompting to your venue. Choose from two options: Navigator for simple presentations in smaller indoor venues, or Navigator Plus, ready for any location. We include cables, software and a USB controller so whichever option you go for, your system can start promptly as soon as it arrives.

Set up for success

Be in prime position and ahead of the crowd. The poles on our conference stands adjust to place the beamsplitter glass at the perfect height for your speaker. The monitors rest on the base of the stand and are reflected in the glass above…simple! With different script video input options available to suit your needs, every package helps you to set up with confidence from day one.

Keeping it clear
and simple

We know it’s important that our prompters are simple to and easy to read. We make sure the script is clearly visible and our software feels familiar – even to people who don’t prompt often. Scripts can be uploaded from common file types so they can be created by anyone, and if you don’t want a script, our Pioneer software included with Navigator Plus can display PowerPoint® slides instead. We understand it’s the simple things that count when you need to get your message across quickly.

A long-term plan
for the future

Speakers might use throw away lines, but making prompters that last is one of our core principles. So plastic monitors don’t make the cut: hello strong and recyclable metal housings. Protective cases look after your equipment on every journey and we throw in an extra piece of glass because we know accidents happen. Our software team consistently works on improvements, and you can always tell us any features you would like to see. Ultimately, it benefits us all the longer you continue to be happy with your prompting equipment.

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