At Autocue we believe a better future relies on everyone working together to make a difference. Sustainability is one of our design principles and we’re working harder in everything we do to try to reduce our environmental impact. As part of Videndum we’re working towards a goal of Net Zero by 2045. We know there’s more to do, but here are some of the ways we’re reducing our impact on the environment.

Cutting Carbon

At both of our engineering sites in the UK and Costa Rica we have solar panels installed to reduce our carbon emissions. In sunny Costa Rica, where your Autocue mounting kit is assembled, the solar system will provide over a third of the power the site needs. Because it’s a larger facility that we share with our sister brands, Vinten, Sachtler, OConnor, Autoscript and Anton Bauer, the solar power saves around 13 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Although we can’t avoid transporting our products globally (so that you can use them) we adapt our designs specifically to ensure that parts we source can be manufactured by local suppliers. Local sourcing means that we can reduce the freight emissions associated with our teleprompters. We also try to share components as much as possible to optimise shipping and make it easier for you to source spare parts.

Packaging with Care

Our team have worked hard to reduce the waste from packaging while still making sure your product arrives in perfect condition. We use cardboard instead of plastic wherever we can so that you can recycle what you don’t need. To avoid hidden waste in the supply chain we also design our packaging to combine nested boxes of system components so that there isn’t discarded packaging when your teleprompter is prepared for shipping.

Designing for Longevity

We prefer sustainable products that can be trusted for longer to reduce wasted money as well as materials. All our prompters have been designed for longevity with parts selected and tested to make sure they are tough enough. The majority of our components are assembled with screws rather than welded together to make it easier for our global network of service partners to help you keep your product working for longer. When your prompter does eventually come to the end of its life this also means you can break it down easily to maximise recycling.

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