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Seth Meyer moves to the Late Show with Autocue

Seth Meyers is leaving Saturday Night Live to host the Late Show in February.  To promote his new show, he’s shot a promo using the Autocue PSP08 on-camera prompter (OCU-PSP08SWAGP) mounted to a Steadicam rig:

The spot is a single shot walking from his old studio 8H, where Saturday Night Live is broadcast, to 8G which will be the new home of the Late Show.  The key to mounting the prompter to the Steadicam unit was the Gold Plate.  It features 15mm rods that allowed the Steadicam operator to mount both the prompter AND the focus controls to the same set of rods.  It massively simplifies the setup and reduces weight.  Here’s a view of what we used with close ups on the focus and zoom controls:

The Small Wide-Angle hood comes standard with the PSP08 and allowed for full wide shots

with no adjustments.  We were even able to rig a filter into the hood assembly so that no additional matte box kit was required.  You can see that there was plenty of rod length remaining on the Gold Plate for longer lenses and because of the Gold Plate’s modular design, balance would have been simple to achieve without dismounting any of the

components.  Maybe the very best part of this was the lack of counterweight.  That kept the PSP08 assembly at 6lbs and made the prompter one of the lightest components on the Steadicam kit.

By including the Autocue prompter in the production, the entire spot was able to be filmed in just a few minutes.  This ensured that Seth could squeeze it into his already packed schedule while still allowing the production team flexibility to make changes and try a couple of things out.  The Autocue QPro software was used to prompt the script and making changes showed instantly on the prompter.  Using the quick key functions made it easy to keep up with Seth and team while they changed the copy and rehearsed it.  When the team was ready to go, the Autocue prompter made it possible to get each shot in a single take with no mistakes. 


When we were done with the shoot, the Steadicam operator made sure to get our info.  He said it was by far the best Steadicam prompter he’s used and he especially liked the Gold Plate rigging system.  I think we all know how important it is to have the right equipment for a professional shoot and the PSP08 with QPro was key to this shoot’s success.