What size of prompter do I need?

Video Transcript

Choosing your Autocue? Screen size matters! A few simple points will help you get the sizing right. Hi, I’m Matt and in this video, we’ll look at finding the right size for you. Ready? Cue titles!”

Reading Range

First, let’s talk about reading range. That’s how far the presenter stands from the teleprompter. If it’s too small, they can’t read it. [simulate too small] If it’s too big, their eyes will move left-to-right, giving away the prompter use. [simulate too big]

A good rule is to stand 1 foot away for every inch of screen. So, if you stand 10 feet away, get a 10-inch screen.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a set range. With Autocue software you can decrease the script width for a large prompter in a small space. Or for smaller screens, you can increase the font size. But leave enough words for the presenter to speed up without running out of words.

Camera – and teleprompter – Support

Next, think about is where your teleprompter will sit. Our teleprompters are lightweight, but they still add weight to your camera setup. Your tripod will have a maximum payload, so check what that is first. [show navigating to the specs on the Sachtler website to find payload for system in shot]

Add up the weight of your camera, lens, and teleprompter. [graphics for each item with weight] Check that weight against the tripod’s payload. If it’s less, you’ve found the right Autocue for you.

Not using Autocue?

If you’re not using an Autocue Explorer or Pioneer teleprompter, check the mounting system. Large prompters may not work with small cameras, and small prompters may not work with large cameras. But with our flexible design, once you have the right monitor size, you can start prompting with any camera you want.

Choosing the right sized Autocue is easy when you know how. Now, you’re one step closer on the way to simplify your production.

Thanks for watching.

Until next time. Stay on cue.

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