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"The secrets of the professionals are clearly within reach and Autocue offers the most versatility for the money of any of the prompters I’ve seen. The equipment is rock solid and Autocue is the magic I’m now recommending to effectively make the connection (with your audience)."

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AMP VISUAL TV team exclusively use Autocue prompters

AMP VISUAL TV, a leading European provider in the field of television production team, exclusively uses Autocue‘s teleprompter solutions to better satisfy its customers. According to Sébastien Chatelain, Head of Video Operations at AMP VISUAL TV, "the prompter is an essential element on a shoot. All presenters use them, mainly for reassurance." It was therefore necessary for AMP VISUAL TV to have its own equipment in order to offer its customers complete reliability and availability. The AMP VISUAL TV prompter operators, with their knowledge of the market and of all other prompter manufacturers, chose Autocue as their preferred brand.

Purchasing the flexible QMaster product has allowed us to customize each machine for each program or even each presenter. One teleprompter software can serve several presenters; it is the case for the daily program «Le Grand Journal» on Canal +. The teleprompter works by color codes: white for Antoine Decaunes, orange for Miss Weather forecast and so on... Only one operator is needed for the smooth running of the program and the workflow is optimised. AMP VISUAL TV is not only very pleased with this purchase of prompters Autocue but also with the service provided by SAV. "The machines have evolved according to the demands of our operators. Service is very responsive. Our technical constraints were quickly resolved by SAV" says Sébastien Chatelain.

Specialist of television filming, AMP VISUAL TV provides its services throughout the whole process of live programs. It has one of the widest European fleet of mobile control rooms (30) and flight case (6) for shooting on location and in studio in the Parisian area (20), 8 of them equipped with fixed video control rooms.
The company delivers 14,500 hours of programs a year including game shows, variety or entertainment magazines and is particularly active in the field of performing arts , special operations and sport, particularly motorsport where she became a global specialist. AMP VISUAL TV is recognized as a pioneer in new technology applications: mobile control rooms, HD, stereoscopic 3D, digital HF, streaming, web server, Media Center and 4K. .
AMP VISUAL TV has an annual income of 100 million euros. It employs 400 permanent employees. The company is located in Metz, Lyon, Cannes, Toulouse, Nantes, Paris and Les Sables d'Olonne in France, and Casablanca, Morocco.

SAV is importing audio and video solutions for broadcast, post-production and production since 1977. More than 30 publishers and manufacturers have entrusted their exclusive representation for France to SAV. A team of 30 people handles the promotion, pre-sales, installation and support of all imported products. www.sav.tv