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"The secrets of the professionals are clearly within reach and Autocue offers the most versatility for the money of any of the prompters I’ve seen. The equipment is rock solid and Autocue is the magic I’m now recommending to effectively make the connection (with your audience)."

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QStart Mac Teleprompting Software


Mac-based version of the QStart software with dual-screen functionality that can be used with any teleprompter from any manufacturer. INCLUDED FREE WITH ANY STARTER SERIES HARDWARE PACKAGE

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Entry-level Mac Teleprompter Software

  • Native Mac OS QStart teleprompter software
  • Dual screen functionality to work with any teleprompter monitor
  • Support teams in 3 locations - NY, Charlotte & London
  • 50+ years of experience serving global broadcasters' prompting needs
  • Free upgrades

Registration how-to

Operating Systems: Mac
Control Options: Keyboard numbers or arrow keys,
mouse, or ShuttleXpress
Dual screen: Yes
Language: All Mac languages
System Requirement: OS X v10.5 (Leopard)

N.B An internet connection is required to register the license when first installing the software

  • Feature-rich teleprompter software:
    • Dual screen functionality that reverses the script for reflection in the prompt monitor but keeps it the right way round on the Mac
    • Multi-language text and menus with icon-based action buttons
    • Multiple prompter control options
    • Import QStart, .doc, .rtf and .txt files
    • Formatting and search functionality
    • Ability to set markers in the script and assign keys to them
  • License file to be placed on your Mac
  • Internet connection required to register the license when first installing the software
  • Quick installation guides and detailed user manuals
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